Oh Katie…

You just can’t sunbathe topless in your own backyard and then travel to the Solomon Islands and don a hijab. You were meant to do it the other way round. The inhabitants of the Solomon Islands love boobs – it may be considered bad taste to show your legs there – but nip slips are more than welcome, if not encouraged.

Fancy not being able to sunbathe nude in the privacy of your own backyard?! Royal or not, we all deserve the right to some form of privacy… I guess I’m one of the lucky ones: my neighbours love it and the only pictures they take of me are for their personal photo albums. Bless their hearts.

Obviously this isn’t the first time a royal has been caught in the buff. Only a few weeks ago it was Prince Harry caught galavanting around a pool table sans pants.  And wasn’t that a treat. Oh to have been a pool cue in that room…

As you all know, Kate the Duchess and Prince Harry can do no wrong in my book, but this is clearly a retaliation on Kate’s part. Poor girl must have been mortified when pictures surfaced of a naked Harry (her not so secret lover) and an unidentified woman who’s probably from Essex and uses fake spray-on tan.

So she did what any educated woman would do: she took her top off, rubbed lotion on her husbands back and smiled for photo’s.

I have managed to find the controversial topless photo and i must say, I am a little disappointed.

Kate, money can’t buy happiness, or health, but it can buy boobs.

Sad Boobs

Whats the point in taking your top off if this is all you have to offer? If i had boobs like that i would be sun baking in a ski jacket.

It pains me to speak of Kate in such an unfavourable manner but she really needs to step up her game. This is no doubt why she is suing the French magazine for publishing these photos. I mean, who here complains when a great photo of themselves is tagged on facebook? Nobody, thats who.

But if a friend posted a pic that made you look like the sufferer of a degenerative face muscle condition, its war.

In short: “game on, mole“.

Harry’s popularity skyrocketted with the sensational photo of him in the buff.

I think the moral of the story here is that if you have great boobs, or an ass you can bounce coins off, you are allowed to parade around naked as often as you wish. Lets all think about that as we go about our day stifled with the restriction of unnecessary clothing.

Before I depart, let me just say it wouldn’t feel right to end this post without including a picture of the Man of the Century.

What a beautiful face!



DD (f.k.a. Madame Royale)