It’s hard to picture what would universally be considered the perfect looking woman… the pictures tell a story.

Kelly Brook is getting the job done in ways heroin chic pin-up girls, like Kate Moss, can only envisage.

There is a cheekiness in her smile and the confidence that she carries, that shines through every time we see this vision.


It is almost like Victoria told her “Secret” to Kelly, as there is nothing that looks better anywhere in the world than Kelly Brook in a corset.

We need to help create positive role models for women, and it is our intention to help spread the word. When we here at The Rogue Couch are united in our views on the Beautiful People section – something that doesn’t happen as often as one might think – you know we are onto a good thing.

We are not exactly being ground-breaking with our revelation here, although Ms Brook doesn’t get the kind of attention she deserves in this great land girt by sea. And that’s a shame.


Seriously, if you have been living inside a bomb shelter and you aren’t familiar with Ms Brooks work, get involved in Piranha 3D and thank us later (now don’t get sucked into Piranha 3DD movie, its just as weak and no Kelly Brook – although the title is better- and don’t get us started on sequels…).


This has been The Rogue Couch, reminding all that the world is a beautiful place.