You thought it wouldn’t happen – yet here we are. It’s almost time for the 2012 local government elections for NSW. You know the posters, with their penned-on moustache and glasses. It’s baffling that this is the limited visibility we are given that there is even an election on in the first place. That’s fine. Though, I mean, a fine is issued if you miss it.

Unfortunately it’s not Federal elections and so television is devoid of campaigns about how bad the Liberal or Labor parties are – don’t you just love election time! But I digress.

Clover makes incognito cameo #1

It’s true, though. Labor are nowhere to be seen. From our evidence we have the Greens, Liberals, and some Independent Teams. Amazing!

At this point its hopefully obvious that there is in fact a Labor party running – very cheeky Ms. Clover. Declaring herself as independent of any party… Is anyone really falling for this? It may not be clear to people that teams running for election have the option to declare themselves as independent of any particular party. This is justified as being for when said teams don’t necessarily agree with the policies of any party.

Cameo #2

Consider this:

Would Ms. Moore list as an Independent Team if Labor were the heavy favourite in polls? It’s entirely likely that the state of the current government is a factor. Just like it was a factor for Mr. Turnbull when he pulled a similar set of tricks, in light of what was said to be untenable policies.

It’s all obviously above-board but it still sucks the big one. For shame.