It’s no secret that the state of our nations politics is at an all-time despicable low. From a lack of policy to making every problem faced in Australia the personal fault of Julia Gillard (or Tony Abbott – depending on which leader is being questioned/accused). The sad thing is that this is arguably politicking at it’s best in terms of what these people now profess to do: to comment on everything but say nothing; and to point out every problem and never offer up a solution. There have been very few exceptions to this – very, very few.

The state of affairs was captured brilliantly when Leigh Sales interviewed Tony Abbott and effectively called him out and made him look the fool (more of a fool?). Make no mistake that neither of the current leaders of our government are impressive in their rhetoric and double speak. It’s the current job description of those that claim to have the Australian people in mind and it’s disgusting.

Wouldn’t you be pissed to be Mr. Abbott walking into that interview and not having read the report he was to comment on! There should really be no sympathy for him or Ms. Gillard. As bad as each other, they seem to never be truly prepared to give solutions or answers – my money is on the fact that they have none that will please everyone and this scares the shit out of them.

Even more certain than this is the typical scenario where said Youtube video has many comments that don’t actually comment on the content and rather turn into cyclical personal slurs against people who are either zealously pro-Abbott or pro-Gillard.

“Have fuck your mom !!!”, reads a part of one comment. As well as being grammatically incorrect this adds nothing to the conversation. A great example of the people that get heavily involved in these conversations (aka ‘Trolls’).

There are some points that you can take to the bank based on this nasty window into Australian politics. Firstly that Mr. Abbott needs to get over the recently introduced taxes and should get on with running the country – you’re not impressing people with this bullshit. Secondly is that for a long time now it’s stopped being about what’s good for the country and more about which leader has fucked up the least. It’s about the short-sighted hyperbole and emotionally/personally argumentative nature of a system where my ignorance is just as good as your intelligence (ie Democracy). This makes me sad. This is The Rogue Couch.