Total Recall is premiering in cinemas worldwide and so what better time than now to play some Total Recall Trivia! Feel free to include these in your local pub trivia – the following conditions would invariably apply: Visual aides are necessary.

Which is the best scene in Total Recall?

Take your time – there is no right answer. Alright, now if your answer was anything other than the woman with three breasts then you are wrong. Sorry, there was a correct response. If that was your answer then nicely done! Honestly, how was that scene not given it’s own tile on Hollywood Boulevard?! Classic!

Comparing the 3 major stars and our aforementioned triumvirate of breasts, what is the common theme?

Hint: there is a right answer for this, too. Another hint: Both have something that is just not right – consider the following puzzling image. Can you match the faces?

Does your person have ridiculous earrings?

The implication here should be clear: Collin Farrell is an unnatural tit! A match made in heaven (or hell?). We wouldn’t deprive you of the full view, of course!

He does have ridiculous earrings!!

Huge thanks for Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and even Mr. Farrell for being such good sports. Oh, one last thing: Take those earrings out Farrell! Disgraceful!