Society, in general, has bold wishes. A peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict, a global consensus on Climate Change, and of course, the opportunity, just for a moment, to squeeze a Kardashian buttock.

Here at Rogue Couch, we have slightly more modest wishes. That all flights 4 hours plus in length require the provision of an individual LCD screen, that Creme Brulee’s be warm (let’s give cold ones another name if necessary) and that the Mainland cheese (shout out to Vintage and Special Reserve) be recognized as the indisputable Number 1 cheese making company in the known cosmos.

Also, make it into a Sports Guy mailbag. That’s definitely on the list. Well……

City: Sydney, Australia
Name: Gorgz

I know what’s coming. The inevitable mailbag where you provide a forum for disgruntled Cavs fans to vent their emotions alongside their lit LeBron jerseys and effigies (a thrice of its own if you will, just not Miami’s). Go ahead. That’s your role as the Internet equivalent to Michael Moore films or Springsteen songs about working class people in working class towns. Know this though. The argument that LeBron shouldn’t have gone to Miami because Wade is too good a player (one of the 5 superstars currently in the league, in your words) might be the most ridiculous you’ve ever come up with (I’m a fan, but you can be a little out there). So if Magic and Jordan went through the same draft class, were great friends, and had the opportunity to play together, they say no, because they’re concerned how their legacy will be remembered in William J. Simmons world? Please. Bring on the black jerseys, the evil empire comparisons, South Beach models, bandwagonism, dynasty and everything else. Bring on the Heateration, haters!

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5) The look of joy on your baby mama’s face when she realizes she’s no longer competing with Cleveland’s groupie circuit but South Beach models/aspirants. Plus he’s 25 and the two guys he’ll be sharing his kingdom with are basically single.



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