In the time since the Melbourne Storm Salary Cap fiasco broke it has become evident that David Gallop does not have the foresight needed to guide the NRL through such a critical point in its existence. In fact it has become blatantly obvious that David Gallop does not have the short sight, hindsight, or any other sight necessary to manage the National Rugby League. Is there concern that at such a pivotal point in the future of the NRL it is being led by a man who’s vocabulary does not range beyond “fair”, “unfair” or “in all fairness”? In some circles yes, however it is troubling that a majority of people feel that his actions were necessary and just. In no way has the ruling by the NRL and subsequent penalties handed down to the Melbourne Storm addressed the initial problem at hand. That problem has been, is, and will continue to be the salary cap. To those that support David Gallop and his decision I would say pick a Super League team, find an Aussie Rules team, or even an A-League team because they will still be around long after David Gallop and the NRL are gone…

Good bye NRL, I bid you adieu. Thanks for 2005, thanks for the memories! By the way my boy Benji agrees (in a roundabout way, given how limited he is to comment publicly as a current player in the game)

Laurie Prescott III – a man truly to be feared.